Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Say "Cheese"!

I'll admit it, I like finding goofy, silly, even trivial things about timetables that probably no one else ever notices.  Here is a perfect example:

Anyone who has ever had their picture taken knows you're supposed to smile for the camera.  Maybe optional in a family photo, but mandatory if it's a promotional photo for a business.  So, the first time I saw the Air BC timetable for June 1, 1992, it immediately struck me that the fellow at the upper right just didn't look all that happy.

In all fairness, I think the guy is actually smiling.  But everyone else showing off their pearly whites makes this fellow appear somewhat dissatisfied.

Later on, I came across the Air BC timetable for the following summer which uses the same photo, although in black and white rather than color.  Much to my amusement, our mustachioed friend now has a big smile, probably as a result of a big raise over the winter, or a little airbrush work (you decide!)

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  1. its a nice black and white photo.It seems to old but looking good.:)cheers